Barton Villas

On the weekend of the 10th of October, the Classic Villas girls and some of the Nox Rentals team, went away for a weekend to a special spot in the Botriver mountains.

At Classic, the Barton farm is one of our favourite places to recommend guests looking for a peaceful time away, to unwind and recharge the batteries, and with season coming ahead, we definitely needed it ourselves.

We were generously offered Plover Villa at Barton Villas for a weekend getaway by farm manager and wine maker PJ and his better half, Wilmari. They live on the farm with their two adorable kids and two Jack Russels – and what a life they have! The farm offers absolute peace and tranquility being surrounded by nature. The rolling lawns of natural beauty with fynbos, lavender fields and vineyards together with the vast amount of birds to look at. From colourful Sugarbirds and Sunbirds to Herons, Blue Cranes and Plovers (hence the names of the villas).

We arrived as the sun was setting on the Friday night and made use of the jacuzzi (which was ready and heated before we arrived). The next day, we rose to a champagne breakfast, followed by lazing around in the sun and making use of the pool. While reading a book on the comfy couch on the stoep, I fell asleep listening to the gentle breeze and chirping of birds fading in the background… it was heavenly.

What a relaxing weekend away and what a pity to have to leave. But, we will definietly be making our way back again soon to enjoy the beauty that is Barton!