Conquering Lion’s Head

Rated number 6 on TripAdvisor’s ‘Things to do in Cape Town’, the Lion’s Head hiking trail is becoming a popular outdoor activity for locals and tourists. Last Sunday, with temperatures reaching 26 degrees, we decided to start the morning off with some exercise.

To give you a bit of background info on the mountain, Lion’s Head is situated between Table Mountain and Signal Hill – both worth visiting.
View of Robben Island

We began our adventure from the starting point on Signal Hill Road and made our way up the winding gravel road.
As we got to the Sea Point side of the mountain, the gravel road gradually became a rocky narrow path until we got to the dreaded chains. The chains and handles are built into the rock to help you climb up a steep section of the mountain. This particular section is my absolute worst part of the hike. The feeling of possibly falling off the mountain from a sliding foot or hand placed incorrectly is something I fear most. To others, this section is a breeze and can be performed using one hand and holding a dog in the other (something I witnessed this past weekend). Once we had passed the chains, the rest of the hike to the top involved climbing up big rocks and a few ladders.

After a good hour of battling with chains, ladders and slippery tree roots, we had finally made it onto the summit and I had achieved my goal for the day! The view from the top is absolutely breath-taking. Offering panoramic views of Table Mountain, Atlantic Seaboard, City Centre and Robben Island, it sure makes it worth the climb.

If you decide to tackle this hike, pack some treats and enjoy a lunch with an exceptional view whilst you get your breath back to prepare for the challenging climb down. The entire hike took us about 2 hours but it depends how much time you decide to spend at the top. I have read many reviews which states that the hike is not child friendly but I always see children of different ages tackling the climb – best to take it slow.

Not much of a morning person? No need to set your alarm, the hike is just as exciting and busy on a full moon! With summer fast approaching, this activity is a must do with family and friends!