The Ellerman House Experience

Ellerman House is one of Cape Town’s most prestigious holiday residences, whether it be in the hotel or in the self catering villas. Here, they only offer the absolute best of the best while accompanying a laidback and comfortable atmosphere. Guests have the freedom to do what they please, when they please and can tailor make almost everything about their stay – it’s all about the experience.

Ellerman House

We had the chance to get a glimpse of this when we did a sight inspection of the entire property and boy, were we in for a treat! We were gobsmacked by the sheer beauty of the sea view, the rolling lawns and not to mention the extensive art collection that is evident throughout the magnificence that is Ellerman House.

With so much to take in, we were escorted around the hotel, the dining area and the gardens. The staff were so friendly and made us feel very welcome – as I can only imagine is but a part of the level of service guests receive.

We were then shown to the two, three bedroomed self catering villas, each with their own art collection that were a bit more fun and colourful, where one can really feel at home, albeit for a few days. Each villa also comes with many perks – having a private team of staff as well as a complimentary private chef, to name a few.

From there, we were taken into the luxury spa, as well as the wine and art galleries. The wine gallery houses over 1500 bottles of South African reds in a 6m long structure that resembles a corkscrew. The brandy tasting room also featured a wall showing the natural aging process of brandy over the course of 20 years.

The art gallery was extremely interesting and has been assembled over three decades featuring only South African artists. Guests can even make use of a complimentary iPad to venture around the hotel and identify each piece. The collection not only has paintings and sketches, but also quite a few larger than life sculptures and other works that blend in so naturally it will leave you in awe.


Lastly, we were treated to a delicious spread of fruits, nuts and cheeses followed by a hot breakfast all while enjoying the stunning ocean views on the terrace. Our friendly waitress looked after our every need and we left feeling very spoiled.

We can’t wait to assist our clients in booking a room or perhaps a villa at Ellerman House, where we highly recommend the Eggs Royale (eggs benedict with smoked salmon – yummy!) not to mention their home made yoghurt.