Farmhouse Rocks

I recently broadened my horizons and took a road trip to Redhill Valley for a summer concert at the local Cape Farmhouse. For those of you who are also new to this location, Redhill is about 3km from Scarborough along the Cape Point route.

Set among the trees with friendly ducks running around, the Farmhouse gives off a charming atmosphere to its visitors. We arrived after 3pm and from the road, we could already hear the sounds of jolly music filling the air.

At around 5pm, Jeremy Loops took the stage to wow the audience. I had never heard him play live before, but I was amazed at how he instantly had the crowd on their feet and dancing front & centre – me being one of them.

The Cape Farmhouse offers summer concerts every 2nd Saturday from 3pm. At the moment, they offer Pop-Up Tapas every Friday evening under the trees (if the weather holds up).

Check out their concert line-up & restaurant menu on their website: The Cape Farmhouse.