Magic at Mejeka

In these busy days, we hardly take time for ourselves to relax and reflect on life and all our accomplishments. I was recently lucky enough to be able to take the time and do just that!

The day started off with some exercise at boot camp, followed by breakfast. I then picked up two of my girlfriends and we headed out for some spa time! We took a drive to the beautiful Stellenbosch where we booked into Mejeka Spa, which is well hidden between the vineyards.

Walking into the spa our bubbly excitement quickly calmed as we headed off to our spoiling treatments which lasted the better part of the morning. Thereafter we enjoyed a delicious lunch, including cheese platter and sparkling wine, in the rose garden, which we had all to ourselves.

Lazing in the sun, we had no sense of time and certainly did not want to even leave and return to normal life, but all good things come to an end. I walked out feeling ready for another week and dreaming of my return to Mejeka!

It truly was a magical day spent with great friends and lots of laughter and I can definitely recommend Mejeka to anyone wishing to be pampered.

We promised each other we would make time once in awhile to spoil ourselves again. Let’s hope it’s not too long until it happens again!