Nox Group Beach Picnic

One of the biggest perks of our offices being based in Camps Bay is our stunning ocean view, but we never get to be on the beach much, to our dismay.

So this past Thursday, The Nox Group decided to spend an afternoon on the beach and get out the office a little earlier. We packed up and made our way down to the beach front, which was buzzing with activity and loads of tourists.

We grabbed some delicious pizzas from Col’ Cacchios as well as fresh sushi from Ocean Basket, lay out a couple of blankets and soaked up the last bit of sun that we could. We kept ourselves entertained with a bit of bat & ball and frisbee, all whilst enjoying the salty sea air instead of the air-conditioned office.

We also noticed some interesting pieces of artwork that have been added to the strip. It’s all quite fun and light-hearted, with two “thrones”, where one can take photos with the ocean being in the background, as well as a couple of other structures.

It was a lovely way to spend a beautiful afternoon and eventually, the sunset – we plan to do another one soon, however, this time I think a volleyball tournament is in order. I will definitely get some action shots to put up. Hey, maybe we could get some supporters?