Set Sail to Namibia

One of our team members in the office was lucky enough to enjoy a cruise to Namibia at the beginning of 2015. Tamsyn shares her story…

Hype and excitement starts my morning on the 20th January 2015 as today is the day we climb onto the MSC Opera for our second voyage to Namibia to see the beautiful sights of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

When boarding the ship we see that the Voetspoore team (a South African TV program) is sailing with us which escalates the excitement even more, as we know there are many adventurous stories they will share with us!

We leave the Port of Cape Town at 2pm and spend the next day and a half sailing the West Coast shores. While sailing we play a game of putt-putt on the 13th deck. Which in its own can be challenging as the water can be rough at times so your ball rolls back towards you or if you really lucky it rolls closer to the hole.

There are many other activities you can do during your cruise such as play bingo, take part in game shows, dance classes, karaoke and even get a bit of gambling in before the evening shows and dinner. If you still have energy after all of that the night club opens at 10.30pm and you can jam the night away… or until the last person leaves!

On the morning of the 22nd we arrive to the misty shores of Walvis Bay in Namibia. Nothing is going to stop our excursions we have planned and we start off with a guided tour through the sand dunes of Walvis Bay. We saw the most amazing salt roads on our way to the Swakopmund Golf Course where we enjoyed lunch while watching the Springbokkies graze on the Fairways.

I got the biggest surprise of my life when on the 23rd January 2015 my boyfriend Henry (a true Afrikaans man!) gave an amazing speech thanking everyone for being a part of our lives (nogal in Engels). Then in front of family, friends and the entire 8pm La Caravella dinner guests goes down on one knee and asks “sal jy met my trou?” And of course I say YES 🙂

Later on, he tells me that the biggest birthday present besides his ‘Jan Braai Fireworks’ book was that I said YES! So far, the best holiday of my life!