Cape Town Water Restrictions

How it affects you

Cape Town has been moved to water restriction level 3B, it’s most severe to date. This reduces water use to non essential services only. As such providing amenities such as jacuzzis and pools may no longer be possible. Please bear in mind that we are now choosing between being able to swim OR drink and there is only one choice there.

Dam levels are now down to 39% (as at beginning Feb) with the city using around 2% per week. As we can not use the last 10% of the water, that leaves us with 28% capacity and 4 months to go until our seasonal rains begin. At this rate, we are not going to make it to the rainy season. 28% translates into 14 weeks or 98 days and the rains are 120 days away.

What can be Done?

Cape Town Residents have been advised to implement as many of the following as possible:

Short Term Proposals

  • Stop the use of Jacuzzis
  • Stopping the filling of pools
  • Turn off all water features using potable water in properties
  • Displace water in toilet cisterns to reduce water use when flushing
  • Stop irrigation systems and only water garden using a bucket

Medium Term Goals

  • All pools to have pool covers, preventing evaporation
  • Limit use of washing machines and dishwashers

Long Term Goals

  • Introduction of grey water systems to properties
  • Installation of wellpoints or boreholes

Some ideas on how you can help during your stay in Cape Town:

  • No bathing
  • Short showers only, switching water off in between, and limiting to 3 minutes maximum! Shower with a friend!
  • Use buckets in the shower to capture as much water as possible, reuse this water in your garden or for flushing toilets
  • Switching tap off while brushing teeth
  • Stop watering gardens with potable water
  • Stop washing cars with potable water
  • Reduce use of washing machines and dishwashers, only using when 100% necessary

How will this affect your stay

  • Swimming pools will not be full
  • Jacuzzis will not be functioning
  • Gardens might not be looking lush and green, but rather the grass might be yellow with fewer plants & flowers
  • The bed linen will only be changed every 3-4 days, instead of every 2 days
  • Your housekeeper will wash the dishes by hand, instead of using the dishwasher